Stereo Orthophoto



Basic idea:

  • 3D Stereo of terrain on standard computers, without additional investment in hardware
  • Orthophoto maps developed using vertical and oblique aerial images
  • You can measure positions of details on the ground:
    • Coordinates X, Y
    • Length
    • Area
  • 3D stereo view on your notebooks, tablets or mobile phones
  • All you need are stereo glasses and … our stereo orthophoto maps
  • Easy for use in all standard software packages:
    • CAD: AutoCAD, MicroStation …
    • GIS: QGIS, ArcInfo, GeoMedia, MapInfo, Digitals …
  • 3D view from your local computernetwok or by internert, WMS support,
  • Fast and afordable source of 3D information
  • Detail view of building fasades

System easy for use. Simply insert georeferenced stereo ortophoto map in your favourite software and enjoy in 3D stereo view.

Contact us  and we will send you stereo glasses to test our products.

Example: Stereo orthophoto of city center of Bačka Palanka – vertical view


Example: Stereo orthophoto of citycenter of Bačka Palanka – oblique view


Stereo orthophotos can be used for:

  • Detections of changes in the field,
  • 3D stereo view of structures
  • Measurement and GIS data collection
  • Support for risk management
  • As basic layer in:
    • Urban planning
    • Real estate cadastre
    • Cadastre of utilities
    • Cadastre of vegetation
    • Cadastre of traffic signalization

Example – Legalization of structures without building permit


 Use stereo orthophotos in any software:

  • CAD: AutoCad, MicroStation
  • GIS: QGis, ArcInfo, GeoMedia, MapInfo, Digitals
  • Adobe Photoshop

Stereo orthophoto in QGIS


Stereo orthophoto in AutoCAD