Delta Digitals

Delta is professional software for digital maps production based on terrestrial surveying and digital photogrammetry. Package is developed by GeoSystems, company known by production of photogrammetric systems, high quality photogrammetric scanners and cameras.


Delta supports following processes:

  • Digital maps production,
  • Georeferencing of scanned maps,
  • Orthophoto maps production based on aerial and satellite imagery,
  • DTM extraction using image correlation technique,
  • 3D vectorization,
  • Import – export in various data formats


The main functionalities are:

  • Import – export of data from fieldwork, GIS and CAD data in many formats,
  • Integration with GPS receivers,
  • Scanned maps georeferencing,
  • Work with hybride raster and vector data and attributes,
  • Automatic fill-in attribute values using parametric functionalities,
  • Vectorization of cadastral and topographic maps and maps of utilities,
  • Automatic calculation of parcels area and their comparison with values from legal documents or cadastral database,
  • Full support in using the latest standard of topographic symbols,
  • 3D vectorization, DTM data extraction and creation of contour lines,
  • Many functionalities for design and land consolidation,
  • Different tools for geodetic calculations, COGO, volume and profile calculations,
  • Advanced technique for QC of maps topology,
  • Maps printing,
  • Complete interface in local language