GISMobile 1 is our new design of mobile mapping system for massive GIS data collection and 3D modelling. Please check possibilities of this high performance, low cost system


Compact body

Rapid lidar surveying with georeferenced panoramic images

Integrated INS and GNSS

Easy mounting and fast setup

Lidar with up to 700,000 points per second

Wireless operation

GISMobile Transport Box

GISMobile 1 in shipping case


GIS data collection

3D modelling

Asset inventory

Transportation safety


Railways mapping

System Specifications
Operating Temperature 0° to 45°C
Dimensions 49 cm × 30 cm × 88 cm
Power Supply 12 V – 36 V DC
Weight 18 kg
Laser Components
Laser beams 32
Rotational Field-of-View 360°
Vertical Field-of-View +10° to -30°
Output 700.000 points/second
Range Precision ±2 cm at 25 m distance (one sigma)
Safety Class 1, eye-safe
Imaging Components
Panoramic camera Ladybug 5
Imaging Sensor Sony ICX655 CCD × 6, 2/3″
Field-of-View 90% of full sphere
Spherical Distance Calibrated from 2 m to infi nity
Megapixels 30 MP (5 MP × 6 sensors)
Optics 6 high-quality 4.4-mm focal
length lenses
Focal Distance ≈200 cm. Objects have an sharpness starting from 60 cm to infinity
Collection & Monitoring Real-time data display
GIS data collection Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction
Shipping Case
Type Robust, custom-designed shipping case
Dimensions 54 cm × 92 cm × 38 cm

For more information, please download instrument brochure.