Orbit Oblique Mapping

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Oblqiues Desktop Composition 07

Oblique Mapping for Everyone.

let explore your oblique data
navigate, focus, zoom & overlay vector data
access to any Orbit prepared Oblique project


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Setting the Standards for Oblique Mapping!

import and load any camera, any data, any angle
new generation view & navigation tools
measure & overlay to make better decisions


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Feature Extraction

Cannes 03_0

Suited for Feature Extraction.

professional Oblique Mapping unit
access to any GIS data content
register any object into GIS data formats


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Hi-Professional Desktop Edition.

full feature extraction unit
powerful engine for dense DSM matching

will become available soon






Cannes 01_0


Better by Design.

the quality way for publishing online
towards an efficient use of oblique imagery
publish online and integrate using SDK


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Oblique SDK

Obliques SDK


Yes you can! Integrate Oblique Mapping.

integrate oblique data in any workflow
user friendly oblique navigation, measurement & overlay
available in Flex, JavaScript and dotNet





Oblique Integrations

Obliques Publisher FR-Cannes 07_0Will become available:

Oblique Mapping for ArcGIS for Desktop
Oblique Mapping for AutoCAD
Oblique Mapping for Microstation
Oblique Mapping for GeoMedia
Oblique Mapping for MapInfo
Oblique Mapping for SmallWorld
Oblique Mapping for QGIS