Cadastre of green areas

The main objectives for creating cadastre of green areas in cities are:

  • Development of information base for planning and monitoring of works related to maintnance of green areas an their assets,
  • Inventory of existing status of green areas
  • Reduction of fieldwork
  • Easier planning and reporting of works realized in city green areas

Technology of data collection is based on combination of:

  • vertical and oblique aerial images with
  • mobile mapping system and
  • office data collection with significant reduction of fieldwork


Mobile mapping system provides:KatZelenila4

  • Detail presentation of landscape from pedestrian perspective,
  • System based on panoramic images and point cloud,
  • Detail presentation with high resolution images,
  • Data collection from the office, with significant reduction of fieldworks
  • Measurement of following parameters:
    • spatial coordinates,
    • distances (height and width of trees …),
    • altitude,
    • area


After data are collected and checked, it is possible to prepare various reports, in accordance with client workflows:


System can be used on various platforms, from personal computers to tablets and mobile phones:


following figure presents cadastre of green areas established for city center of Niš: